5 Ways Ayurveda Can Soothe Your Heartache

“Love generates fear. Love generates sorrow.

If there’s no love at all, where’s the fear? And where’s the sorrow?”


The emotions that plague you

What a hard journey it can be getting rid of heartbreak!  What an effort! What an impossible challenge to erase all the traces of past memories of a relationship that has ended. Why is it so difficult to repair a broken heart?  It’s the memory bank you’re left with … just think about the effort of pushing a rubber ball down into the water, and how it keeps bouncing back. This is the way past memories resurface to cause you pain. And it’s so easy to be reminded of those happy times you spent together. All it takes is the merest suggestion of a fragrance that you were wearing at the time, or a few notes of a song you both loved …  the slightest thing can bring you pain, frustration and heartache. These troubled emotions not only affect your heart, but they hurt your body too.

Ayurveda can be part of the healing process

Heartbreak can affect you both emotionally and physically, and the teachings of Ayurveda and Ayurveda remedies offer solutions that recognize this fact and help you find relief from those wretched feelings. Used as an accessory to the Heartbreak Triage programme, these suggestions will soon have you feeling better!

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is  a practical and resourceful approach for treating heart-broken people. In fact, Ayurveda is a system of medicine and practices associated with a traditional holistic culture whose origin lies in India. Ayurveda goes back over 3000 years, and is based on the Artharva Veda, one of the Vedic scriptures of Hinduism that defines “the procedures for everyday life”. With an emphasis on the mind-body connection, and medicines made of natural herbs with few, if any, reports of negative side effects, Ayurveda remedies have been adopted by people all over the world as a way to complement and enhance Western medicine. Here are 5 effective Ayurveda remedies that will help you in your struggle in recovering from the effects of heartbreak.

Ayurveda remedies and how your body reacts to heartbreak

Do you know how our body systems react on an occasion of heartbreak? This may be  the ending of an affair, the loss of a beloved one or anything that has caused a loving relationship to end. The dopamine level in one’s brain drops amazingly. And with that, the brain sends signals to produce more adrenaline and other stress hormones. And these chemicals can play havoc with your stability. They diminish your body functions and remove you from your usual calm state of mind.  Fortunately there is a herbal remedy in Ayurveda to treat this drop in dopamine level.

5 Ways Ayurveda Can Soothe Your Heartache FI

1)          Try a Rhodiola Root Herbal Remedy

This small, yet powerful herb can regulate the release of adrenaline in the blood. The compounds found in  Rhodiola root can counter the harmful effects of a sudden rush of adrenaline, help to control emotional imbalances and make you feel better when you are going through a difficult time. It banishes adrenaline fatigue  and preserves your good mood.

Try this simple recipe for Rhodiola rosea tea  that works like magic.

Ingredients: 5 grams of dried roots, finely chopped, in a container


Pour in a cup of (almost) boiling water
Steep for 4 hours and put contents through a strainer
Drink ⅕ cup 3 to 5 times a day
Mix with fruit juice or herbal tea for an improved taste

Commercial preparations of Rhodiola root, in powdered form or teabags, are also available.

how to get back with ex Beans for tea

2)       Practice meditation

It’s hard to overestimate how helpless we can feel at the end of a loving relationship. Sometimes we feel that the whole world is laughing at us. So we often tend to retreat from public. Meditation is a good way to get rid of the tension and restlessness that are beating you up. You may be heartbroken, but making relaxing spiritual practices such as meditation a part of your day can lift your spirits at large and be your saviour at this time.

This is a simple meditation you can practice daily.

Getting ready:

  • Have a bath or shower and put on clean, loose-fitting clothes, preferably white.
  • Go to a place where you can be alone and undisturbed for a long time. Better to go to your own room.
  • Switch off the digital devices and close the door behind you.
  • Lay a small cushion or folded blanket on the floor and sit on it with your legs crossed.
  • Keep your right hand on the left hand with the palms turned upwards.


  • Forget everything in the outer world for a while.
  • Keep your eyes closed.
  • Breathe in a normal way. Don’t do it purposely.
  • Slowly, focus your attention to the breath coming in and going out of your nostrils.
  • Feel how it enters the body and travels through the respiratory tract and finally leaves your body causing the lungs and stomach to contract.
  • Keep on focusing your concentration on the breath until your body and mind become closely connected with each other.
  • The mind thus recollected can focus its attention directly to the present moment. Then, you are living only in ‘this moment’.
steps to get your ex back girl meditating

This prevents you from dwelling on the past. Eventually you will make it a habit to live in the present even when you are not meditating. And apart from that, you will gradually understand the Universal truth related to vanity. Just as the breath starts and ends, all the circumstances related to your life will also come to an end one day. Well, if you realize this uncertainty of life, you will be the winner.  Then you will never worry over the losses or broken relationships of life.

3)       Getting a Good Rest

In fact, rest is  essential to recover and regain a normal lifestyle after a spell of heartbreak. In Ayurveda, rest is given a prominent place for patients with serious physical and mental illnesses. Give yourself a good rest and you will quickly experience the positive changes in your way of thinking. The  unnecessary pressure being exerted on you will lift, benefitting both body and mind.

4)       Follow a strict routine to keep life going smoothly

This is a good practice but  you will need a lot of courage and patience to do this. At first you will feel like giving up working to the timetable. But just giving way to your emotions will bring failure to the whole process. Therefore you must stick to the routine very rigidly. That way you will always have a certain purpose for the next thing you have to do. So you won’t have time to idle and get yourself trapped in the past world of sorrow.

5)       Mood-improving drinks for heartbreak

a)   Lemon Balm

Try lemon balm with your regular cup of tea. Add 2 teaspoonfuls of lemon balm to your cup of tea and stir well.

b)   Rose Petal Water

Add a handful of rose petals to a cup of cold water. Keep it overnight and drink in the morning. It helps with situations such as depression.

c)  Hawthorn Tonic

Hawthorn berries are good to treat heartbreak-related illnesses. Try a few drops of hawthorn tonic with your cup of tea. It gives great relief by modulating the dopamine level in the blood. If you take this on a daily basis you can see wonderful results.

Incorporating a few simple Ayurvedic practices will help you regain your normal life, and stop grieving over the people who left you heartlessly. In fact it’s clear that the principles and practices of Ayurveda, with its medicinal remedies, spiritual guidance on meditation practice, and general advice for living holistically can complement and enhance the Heartbreak Triage programme.

5 Ways Ayurveda remedies Can Soothe Your Heartache