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Why Settle for Just Predicting Your Future When You Can Actually Create it?

Transformative Intuitive Tarot Readings by Ancie

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“What a great reading from a lovely lady! Detailed, heartfelt and accurate giving me the clarity and understanding I much needed. Went above and beyond with answering all my follow up questions to give me further clarity and peace of mind…Highly recommended!”

Do you feel stumped, with nowhere to turn? Is life beating you down with negative blocks and emotions? Do you want to know if the person you are with or want to be with is right for you? Are you wondering why your business or career aspirations never get off the ground?

Sometimes it’s hard to open up to your friends. Especially when it’s a topic that might seem worn out and annoying (to them).

But in such a case, it’s a matter of gaining a better understanding of why he or she left you. Or understanding why you feel something is not right with your current partner.

Once we figure this out, you can move on in a proactive manner.

As an empath and human being, I know what it feels like to be heartbroken, crying on the ground while trying to look for an answer, or some hope that will bring light back into life.

Put your heart and mind at ease, I am here for you. Here is how I can help you.

You Can Find a Deeper Understanding of Your Current Situation

With my gifts of intuition and the Tarot, I can help you find clarity and a deeper understanding of your current situation.

I love to listen and help people whenever I can. Rest assured that I’m here to help you sort out difficult situations by providing nonjudgmental clarity and support.

Here are testimonials from some people who found my services useful.

“She was beyond wonderful! Really took additional time to provide me with a very detailed explanation of everything. Like talking with a friend who offers only the best advice. I highly recommend and will be back.” – Jenna W.

“Thank you so much for the reading, you are a great reader provided good advice and honest advice, you are very accurate!!!” – Jay J.

Intuitive Tarot Reading | Bring Illumination and Clarity to Your Situation

How will it feel when you receive channeled wisdom from my guides? You will be released from obstacles that are preventing you from living the life you want and deserve, while you experience deep healing and transformation.

The stresses and uncertainties of your life will recede as a result of your Tarot reading because you will gain insight into the unique circumstances surrounding your situation, and receive advice on what your best options are.  You will have peace of mind. And real satisfaction as the answers to your burning questions become apparent.

For instance, here are the most frequently asked questions.

 Does the person I like feel the same way I do?

 Is my partner cheating?

 How can I tell if she loves me?

He has not been in touch. Is he still interested?

My boyfriend and I split up. Will I ever see him again?

Is this relationship going anywhere?

We broke up last night. What are her feelings for me?

My boyfriend has been in contact with his ex. What does it mean?

It’s all going wrong. Should I end it?

Are we twin flames or soulmates?

Have we been together in a previous life?

I’ve cheated. Will he find out? Should I tell him?

I feel I should be happy with this person, but I’m not. What’s wrong with me?

She’s asked for some space. Is this the end?

My boyfriend lied and now I don’t know if I should trust him?

We have a lot in common. Are we destined to be together forever?

My wife tries to control me. What should I do?

I’ve been single forever. Will I ever meet someone special?

I think I love my best friend’s husband. What can I do?

It’s too soon to fall in love, but I think I am anyway. Please help.

I told her I love her and now she won’t speak to me. What do I do?

All my relationships fail. Why is love so tough for me?

Now Is the Perfect Time to Schedule Your Private Session

“She connected so well to myself and my situation. She gave me the information I requested I felt her advisement was very good and will follow it. I will be returning for follow up readings.”  Nicole T.

Now Is the Perfect Time to Schedule Your Private Session

You Want to Know How to Get Your Ex Back?


You Want to Find That High Vibrational Soulmate Kind of Love?

I’m a Love and Relationship Advisor

By focusing on your healing, realising your dreams and achieving your full potential, instead of longing, you will be the one who is deeply longed for.

Are we twin flames? Or are we soulmates? You might ask this.

For those in the Twin Flame energy, together we can identify and remove blocks that prolong periods of separation and help you find relief during moments of turmoil when experiencing the runner and chaser stages.

If it turns out that it is not in your best interests, emotionally or practically, to pursue the relationship with your ex, you will gain the ability to liberate yourself from wanting and needing them. At the same time, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that they will have to confront their own errors.  You will finally learn how to confront your wounds, remove limiting beliefs and patterns, so you can let go of Karmic Partners, and be in charge of your life again, and most importantly, be open to receive that high vibrational soulmate kind of love.

Business Coaching | Pursue Your Goals And Be Successful

I will help you reach your full potential in achieving your goals. It all begins with a spiritual healing to free you from limiting beliefs, past trauma, toxic friends, and low self-esteem, as well as other factors. Once you heal from these issues your career will start to improve.

All in all, it’s about increasing your vibrational frequency. So, you begin to resolve deep emotional wounds, banishing anxiety and fears, to put yourself in a position where you can attract what you want most in your life, ranging from health to money to love. You will learn how to break negative generational cords of attachment you inherited from family members.

In some cases you or your ancestors might have taken vows of poverty in previous lives, which affects the present. For this reason, the vows need to be broken, rendered null and void for your lifetime. You shouldn’t have to suffer financial blocks because of something that doesn’t have anything to do with you.

With the help of my guides combined with your higher self, whether you want to start a business, get promoted, or change your career, I can come up with ideas and solutions, all with a completely no-nonsense approach. .

When starting a new business, I will give you the confidence to do things you would never think of doing on your own. This is  purely authentic, proactive and no-nonsense support. Similarly I can offer advice on practical matters like money management, handling your household budget or saving up for a particular goal.

If you are seeking to find your purpose regarding career,  a new job or job offers, you will get help making the right decisions: which job offer to accept, when to leave your job, and how to have a good work-life balance.

Have a Quick Look | Spiritual Healing Services

I am a solution-oriented relationship advisor and spiritual mentor.

What do you need help with? As long as it is for your greatest good, I’ll be there to make that happen for you.

You will get the information, insights, and techniques needed to restore your metaphysical balance.

As a result, every session will make you more empowered and independent, in terms of all aspects of healing, manifesting, and energy maintenance.

To explain further, I will teach you how to continue benefiting from the sessions by doing energy work by yourself. You may opt for monthly or weekly healings, in which case you can check out Heartbreak Triage’s blogs that you can refer to in between private sessions. The idea is to prolong that state (one of happiness and peace with increased confidence and motivation) you will find yourself in after a reading, in tandem with exercises that promote your restored sense of self, and elevate your personal energy levels. You should gradually get used to being aware of your own energy, and capitalising on all the information you pick up in the sessions – think of it as a kind of training. This way much of the initiative comes from you, but it builds on the guidance and healing you receive that is aimed at restoring and maintaining your spiritual balance. In addition, I will provide tools such as healing frequencies and healing rituals. You will also learn how to do guided meditations.


“Practical & realistic, clearly connected to spiritualism and highly recommend her 👍”  – P.J.

Guided Meditation And Energy Work


You will find relief from negative emotions and equally negative ties, in a way that is incredibly effective because you are actually healing yourself, and this is vital before you can embark on new relationships, whether personal or work-related.

If you are a naturally-born empath, you will be able to get rid of disturbing physical complaints and disruptive personal connections by defining and establishing yourself, your own energy and emotions. The energy work will release you from the confusing dilemma where you find it difficult to distinguish between what you are feeling and what is not really yours, Essentially you will be provided with a survival guide on how to claim and maintain your own energy.

You will achieve enhanced awareness when your chakras are cleared of energy blockage; this results in enhanced perception, and a sparking of your own natural gifts that may have been buried. The revitalisation of your chakras will allow you to sense and pick up energy in a way that is unprecedented.  

“I felt the connection was spot on, she went above and beyond (thank you for sharing the ritual, I will certainly be doing this.  I kind of knew beforehand that I could trust in what she told me, and she confirmed everything which I felt deep down, 100% recommend, honestly, I’m pretty intuitive and very empathic, she is genuine, has an amazing energy, you don’t need to look any further.”  Gigi L.

I’m here to help you through my gift of intuition and the Tarot.

No task is too big or too small. Nothing is impossible, we just need to figure out how to tackle your issue in a way that is in alignment with your highest good.

Whatever you tell me, I will not judge you. Your deepest secrets are safe and respected.

I will do whatever I can, with the help of my spirit guides and the Tarot, to lift you up in the best way possible.



Your Friend & Confidant,


[Intuitive Tarot Reader, Spiritual Mentor,]

Now Is the Perfect Time to Schedule Your Private Session

To give you clarity and peace of mind by providing answers to burning questions.

1.) Intuitive Tarot Reading, $90, 60 Minutes, inclusive of:

Spiritual Advisory (using the Tarot)

This works somewhat like a counselling session, but it’s more about life or spiritual development. You can speak to me about the areas you’d like to work on and what you’re having trouble with. If you want guidance on something from Spirit, or what you might refer to as Source, or Higher Self, I can ask, and tell you what is revealed to me by my guides (in session). I’ll also give advice that is more “earthly realm” based, so that you have a well-rounded game plan. We can also do energy work through guided meditations to reset and raise your vibrational frequency to bring you more in alignment with your goals. In a follow-up email, I will suggest reading material or exercises, rituals and whatever else is necessary to round off the session.

Audio File of Session

For reflection at your leisure.

***All sessions are strictly confidential.***

2.) Tarot Email Readings

(1 Question – $9) (2 Questions – $15 ) (3 Questions – $20)

***All readings are strictly confidential.***

“I am Margarita, from Chile, I am in Bali now. A short time ago I had a healing session with Graham. My experience was very positive. From the very beginning I succeeded in connecting very well with him. I relaxed a lot and felt lots of energy, I saw many colours and really got a sense of detachment. And when I woke up I felt renewed. I have problems with my shoulders and my arms and I really felt a huge alleviation of this condition. The following three days I also felt that my body was working and I had a connection, and I was able to get rid of lots of stress. I really felt a great sense of relief. I have great respect for Graham, I feel he is a great healer/therapist, he really has a gift. Thank you.”


“My experience with Graham was really positive, and I recommend him. I visited Graham to see what patterns or what issues were there that end my relationships, and the truth is he detected the blocks I had. And he was very good and assertive in detecting how to work on my emotions. The truth is that at first the music or the sounds were a bit strange, but eventually I succeeded in relaxing. And the fact of working with frequencies – I feel this is a therapy that has great benefits, because most of the time you are not really aware of it, and the therapy just happens. I relaxed a lot during my session. Graham has a great talent for this. I felt great, I felt very, very well and I especially achieved a clarity that allowed me to observe my emotions and all these blocks in a more elevated manner. And also, this is helping me make more assertive decisions. I highly recommend him.”


natalie how to get your ex back
chloe how to get your ex back

“I definitely have reached a new level of acceptance…I subconsciously let a lot of things go that I think I’m still processing. Which is really cool because Graham mentioned letting go of things from previous relationships that you carry to new relationships and I was totally doing that and not necessarily aware.”

Natalie Laine
“Since my healing with Graham, I feel more determined, clear-sighted and positive in regards to my future goals. I feel some energy blockages have been opened and I can now for the first time in my life see the vision and know that I can achieve them. I feel as if the initial negative feelings and thoughts I had have diminished. Graham has kind, caring and relaxed energy that automatically makes you feel at home in his presence. He shows compassion and you can truly tell that he is a healer.”
Chloe Dignam

“It worked very well for me, especially for my body issues. I had some bad scratches [deep cuts/wounds] and after two days they were gone.”

Raygene Coco
coco how to get your ex back
Now Is the Perfect Time to Schedule Your Private Session