Attract and Strengthen Your Love with These New Moon Rituals

If you’ve been following this blog, then by now you will have tasted the benefits of living by the moon cycle in relation to The 12 Universal Laws. But if you haven’t, fret not. It’s not too late.  The fact that you’re reading this means you’ve already started the journey of self-care. For you to attract new love or strengthen an old commitment, you need to know the best time for making intentions and positive changes in your life; you must understand The Universal Law of Vibration which states that similar vibration frequencies always attract each other.

You’re therefore advised to be proactive even on difficult days; this is possible because of The Law of Rhythm which says that it is important to raise your energy frequencies  above the negative parts of the cycle. This positive vibe that you gain will in turn create a certain vibration of energy that will eventually attract similar vibrational frequencies. This is The Law of Attraction at work.

If you feel joyful and energetic, you will attract joyful and energetic people, and abundance. You can imagine what will happen to you when you stay angry, demoralized or negative. Of course this does not discount emotional difficulties or make them invalid, but generally speaking it’s always better to be proactive as opposed to reactive, even when it hurts.

Why All This Explanation, You Ask?

Because you need to choose the best timing to be able to manifest things  in your everyday life. And the moon cycle will show you the perfect time to attract or let go of things, as well as the best time to strengthen an old commitment. If you realise you’re not in a good place in your existing relationship, you should  refocus your thoughts, energies and actions to what you desire.  Paulo Coelho, in his best-selling The Alchemist says “and when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. In other words, when you truly want something to come true, the universe acts from a place of positivity and love to make it happen. It raises you above any low vibrations that may carry negative ways of thinking or living.

Attract and Strengthen Your Love with These New Moon Rituals FI

When to Set Your New Moon Intentions

As explained by experts, the moon has enormous forces that affect life on earth, both on an environmental (plants and tides) level, and on a personal one. On a larger scale, we take advantage of the benefits Mother Nature offers us, with our use of solar energy and wind power, for example. So on a personal level, doesn’t it make sense to be mindful of the way the natural forces of moon cycles can help boost our intentions, and take advantage of that fact?

And the best time to make new intentions to attract new love or make positive changes is at the start of the new moon, just as the new cycle, the first of eight, is starting. Lasting three to four days, this is  the symbolic time for you to start over again.

The new moon intentions ritual is a practice meant to harness the moon’s power as your natural guide. It helps you reconnect with your inner feelings, your body and even the environment you’re in.

This is the best time  for new moon rituals for love. Examples of new moon intentions include finding new love or starting a new healthy diet or even completing a pending project.

How Do You Start?

Think about what you want to happen before beginning this ritual. It is important to have a clear intention before you start  because it will set the tone for what happens during meditation and what transpires when you are in the bath. This will help you record in detail when  writing your new moon wishes and new moon affirmations in your journal. Then you must understand that just like any spiritual practice, it does not seek perfection, rather, a way to become more gentle and trusting with yourself, as you flow with this cycle.

The ritual’s main aim is to help you cultivate self-awareness as you create a better life.

All that said, this practice has some structure, the cycle itself is structured. This is why some spiritual self-care routines have to be performed at specific times in order to accomplish the best results.

Importance of the Rituals

The power of anything you do is in the intention behind it. Self-care rituals are not limited to only New Age practices; your daily skin care, fitness or even your meditation regimes are all  self-care rituals, and your intention is their purpose. Therefore try and fix your mind on what you want to achieve.

There is nothing more important than taking time off your regular routine to rethink your life goals and make sure that your actions are in tune with them. These self-care rituals have been medically proven to improve your mental health and your general well-being. They are meant to promote a sense of commitment towards  the things you value.

You must make sure they have a meaning to you; this way it will be easy to follow through and  stick to them. Remember, what the new moon offers you is the energy of intention to get rid of any negative vibes or thoughts.

The New Moon Rituals for 2018

Ideally, new moon rituals for beginners or even non-beginners should be performed outside under the moon. However if this is not possible, you may pick a location indoors but near a window, to be able to harness the energy directly from the moon.

New Moon Rituals to Attract New Love

If you are on a quest for some new love, then the new moon love ritual will give your new love manifestations some wings. And just as the new moon is barely visible to the human eye, your manifestations may not be visible yet, but you are simply expressing your intentions to the universe to get help. Remember, miracles happen as a result of your effort combined with the assistance of the spiritual realm, so, how do you practice maintaining your energy levels at a healthy balance? By practicing the new moon love rituals.

How to conduct a personalised new moon love ritual

1. Cleanse & Prepare Your Surroundings

Remember you are getting rid of any etheric cords, unwanted energy, including objects, attachments or people with low vibrational lifestyles. This is the only way to create room for the new love, projects and positive changes that you’re in need of. This is where the new moon ritual for letting go applies.

Sage is the herb used in this ritual because it clears and sanctifies the space. A good alternative is Palo Santo. You achieve this by lighting the end of the sage wand and blowing into it until there is a smoldering glow. Smudge this all around your surroundings.

As you prepare to take the bath to attract new love, you can give the ritual an added dimension by burning jasmine and rose incense next to your tub. Then light a candle and place it  a safe distance away inside your bathroom; this is a symbol of the inner light that allows you to visualise.

how to get over a breakup rituals

Then cleanse yourself by taking a healing bath to  help you relax and detox your mind and body as you prepare for meditation. It also sets you in a good place to attract love. Remember the Laws of Vibration and of Rhythm? Once you have cleansed your energy and the toxins and negativity are gone, you can raise your vibration, thus creating a more positive place to manifest from.

As part of your preparation, make sure your bathtub is super-clean, and have a supply of essential oils on hand. They are preferable to herbs and spices, as they are ready to use and potent. Provided that the oils are genuine (synthetic chemically composed oils will have absolutely no effect), when added to your bath water, they should start to work immediately through the powers of Aromatherapy.

For each of the ritual baths described here, there is an optional extra ingredient than can be added: a cup of Himalayan Pink Salts, or Epsom Salts or Sea Salt,  for a relaxing & spiritual cleansing. This amazingly doubles up as a great way to clean your aura.

2. Meditation

Get grounded by doing a simple 5 minute meditation, that may take longer depending on your state of mind and heart. Imagine inhaling a white cloud through your nose and exhaling all the anxiety and negative energy from your body through your mouth as a dark cloud. Keep doing this until the cloud you exhale becomes white. Any nervousness, anxiety or stress should be dealt with here.

You may have an existing meditation practice that you might prefer to substitute at this stage, or you could perform both meditations. Alternatively, this would be an excellent time to listen to the grounding guided meditation audio. What’s important is that your body and mind are prepared effectively, in order to get the maximum results. If you are tense or anxious, or unable to think clearly, you won’t be able to attract/fix that relationship.

The second and equally important part of meditation is to have an open mind and heart to accept the ways of the unknown even if the new moon is invisible, but you still know it’s there. Allow yourself to come to terms with any fears you may have of the unknown future, or to face any emotion or emotional trauma. The old has gone, the new is yet to be seen but you need to gain courage and trust that just like the full moon, your great manifestations are coming soon, even though they may not be apparent now.

And finally with this courage and trust, give yourself some clarity of what you want to manifest with your intentions.

3. Baths to Attract New Love

For those who identify with predominantly male energy looking to manifest new love, this romantic attraction bath is guaranteed to maximise your chances.

how to get over heartbreak fullmoon lovers

You will need to add these essential oils into your bath water:

  • 8 drops Sage
  • 7 drops Rosemary
  • 6 drops Vervain
  • 7 drops Orris Root
  • 3 drops Vetiver
  • 8 drops Clover

As well as this herb:

9 Bay Leaves (to avoid clogging your drain, this can be wrapped in a cheesecloth and tied with string or a tea infuser like this here)

Before you start, get  your journal and a pen and have them near you.

Then gently immerse yourself in the tub and soak for 10 minutes. While you soak, visualise all the qualities you desire in a partner and then write them down. Write also what you feel you have to offer.

Once this is done, put the journal away (where it won’t get wet), bathe as usual and repeat this romantic bath ritual for 7 consecutive nights.

Here is an equally effective bath for those who identify with predominantly female energy looking to attract a new romantic partner.

You will need to add these essential oils into your bath water:

  • 9 drops Orange blossom
  • 9 drops Sandalwood
  • 9 drops Clove
  • 9 drops Rose

Add the orange blossom, sandalwood, clove and rose essential oils to a warm or hot bath as you  prefer at nightfall, then have your journal and a pen near you.

Then gently immerse yourself in the bath  and soak for 10 minutes. During this time, visualise your ideal romantic relationship, one that would feel right for you and your new partner as well. Write these details in your journal and repeat this ritual for 7 consecutive nights.

4. Bath To Strengthen A Commitment

If you’re looking to nourish, regain faith and strengthen an already existing relationship, then this is the bath that will help you.

You will need the following essential oils:

  • 6 drops Rose
  • 2 drops Cinnamon or Ginger  (if you do not like cinnamon)
  • 10 drops Myrtle
  • 9 drops Rosemary
  • 6 drops Thyme
  • And you will also need 2 tablespoons of Honey

Put all the ingredients into a pot on the stove and bring them to  boiling point for a minute, then reduce the heat but allow it to bubble gently for another 10 minutes. When this is done, add this mixture into warm or hot bath water. Then have your journal and a pen near you.

how to overcome heartbreak orange

Put all the ingredients into a pot on the stove and bring them to  boiling point for a minute, then reduce the heat but allow it to bubble gently for another 10 minutes. When this is done, add this mixture into warm or hot bath water. Then have your journal and a pen near you.

Gently immerse yourself and bathe as usual. While bathing, think in detail about all the positive reasons you have that give you  confidence in your partner and in your relationship, and write it all in your journal.

This bath can be repeated as often as necessary.

5. Your New Moon Intentions and Changes

The above bathing rituals allow you to be intuitive about your new love requirements or commitment. The reason for writing them down is to have a visual manifestation that will serve as a constant reminder.

You can include a symbolic act, for example if you want to find new love, you could write all the qualities of your ideal partner on a piece of paper, then wrap it with lavender and put it inside a small bag. The important thing here is to be confident that you will reciprocate these qualities once you get the right partner.

Keep Your Intentions Alive

To keep the energy of the intentions high, find a way to keep them at the centre of your awareness as much as possible.  In the meantime, find ways of actualizing these intentions and positive changes for the new moon rituals of abundance in your love life to bear maximum fruit.

So now it’s clear that the new moon is the best time for intentions and positive changes because it’s symbolic of  new beginnings, the point in time to plant the kind of seeds you want to see grow in your life. In fact, this is when farmers and gardeners plant seeds. As the moon grows, your dreams, wishes and aspirations grow with this cycle too. Setting up these special rituals as a tradition to follow during the phase of the new moon may help you gain the kind of life-changing energies that you require.

These simple rituals include cleansing your space, healing and cleansing yourself followed by deep meditation where you sort out your deepest emotions and thoughts. Then with a clear mind, establishing your new moon wishes, while including a motivational symbolic act and finally making sure you keep these intentions alive by creating constant awareness of them as you work to achieve them.

If you have read these simple new moon intentions guides, you have just set yourself up for some amazing manifestations.

Devoting yourself to these new moon rituals  may prove to be one of the best decisions you have ever made as far as self-care, self-love and your union of love are concerned. And the best time for intentions and positive changes is now.

Attract and Strengthen Your Love with These New Moon Rituals Pin