Cast A Spell On Your Love Life: Attracting Love Tips That Will Blow Your Mind

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Powerful Self Love Techniques To Help You Fall In Love With Who You Are and attracting love tips

1. Practice Authenticity

Being authentic takes practice and self-exploration, but the good thing is you can nail it faster than you think. The road to authenticity includes asking yourself what feels right for you? What makes you happy? What makes you feel powerful?

The answers to these questions must be isolated from what you think you should do to be happy or what your potential or previous partners would approve. You dance funny, but dance makes you happy? Embrace it and dance like there is no tomorrow If in doubt,  take a closer look at people dancing next time you go out. Observe and you’ll see many have no clue what they’re doing, but they own it. Once we accept these little quirks, there is nothing and no one that will make us feel unworthy, because we know it’s ok to be silly, a one-of-a-kind us.

2. Accept Yourself

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One of the most powerful self-love techniques includes self-acceptance. Once we turn our perceived vulnerability into strength and own who we are, we transform ourselves and attract the right type of energy.

We all have flaws and that’s ok. What we so frequently do is beat ourselves up for what we did wrong. By focusing on the mistakes, we lose all the great stuff we did  and once that happens, it’s hard to see ourselves as protagonists in our own life. If we keep drowning in a sea of guilt and shame it’s hard not to manifest it into our love life. In order to know how to attract love spiritually we first must know what we are made of and stop punishing ourselves.

3. Practice Putting Yourself First

When we are in a relationship or looking for love, putting ourselves first is one of the hardest things to do, especially if we are mesmerised by the other and want the relationship to work so badly. We fear  coming across as selfish and uncaring of their needs if we choose to say or do what we feel is right for us.

We can’t expect to be loved for who we are if we don’t assert our needs clearly. Often we are the ones who adapt to the other, and that’s a beautiful and important thing to do for forming a close bond. But if that bond is based on us loving the other person more than we love ourselves, we can easily slip into a people-pleasing habit.

By recognising and acknowledging what we need, the other person can know how to approach us and we will be able to attract the love we seek. By setting healthy boundaries and standing firmly for our needs, we give others the chance to adapt to us as well. It is ok to not want to  cancel the party you so much wanted in order to make your partner feel better. Know it’s not selfish to choose you – it’s crucial.

How to attract what you desire?

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Yes, no matter if those thoughts are positive or negative. When we don’t love ourselves, putting another person on a pedestal is easy. While doing so, our personal boundaries, which are necessary for healthy interpersonal connections, become blurred.

How the other person treats us is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.  Once we learn how to attract love with the law of attraction, we will be able to draw positive experiences that reflect those positive thoughts. If we believe we are worthy, others will treat us accordingly. Our thoughts and patterns act as a magnet and draw exactly what we focus on the most.

Take a moment to visualise the ideal relationship. Think about how you would  like to be treated and loved. Then close your eyes and envision it all as if it’s already happening. How do you feel in such a relationship? Are you free to be yourself? Do you feel you can conquer the world? Listen to your inner guide , and let the film roll. Once you have a clear vision of what feels right, use some of these attracting love affirmations or create some of your own:

I am confident, beautiful and attracting love comes easily for me.

Wherever I go, I attract loving relationships.

I love my life and trust my journey. Love will come at the right time in the right place.

I am a magnet to great experiences and fulfilling relationships.

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Repeat silently or out loud any attracting love mantra whenever you can, or write them in your journal every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to sleep. If you can’t visualise what you desire clearly, another way you can attract what you desire is by casting spells. Spells are a law of attraction powerfully channeled. Spells help us focus our energy and direct it easily towards the desired goal which is why they are so powerful.

When you go to bed at night,  turn all the lights down, close your eyes and think about all the things you are grateful for. Then, make a statement about yourself and transform it into a chant, by repeating it as quickly as you can until the words lose their meaning. Remember, they must be precise and short in order for you to be able to channel what you desire more clearly and must be repeated out loud or whispered.  Here are some examples.

Love comes. I am courageous. I am worthy.  I am positive. I am abundant. Love is near. I am blessed. I am attractive. I am loved.

Because you are.