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Thank you!

Thank you for choosing to empower yourself using the Grounding Guided Meditation.

You’ve taken the first step towards making holistic healing part of your life – and all the amazing benefits it brings!

Here’s how to use the Frequency:

1.    Choose a time and place where you won’t be disturbed for at least 15 minutes. For best results make sure you have earphones on to listen to the frequency.

2.   Set your healing intention for the frequency you’re using.

3.   Get comfortable. You can sit or lay down – whatever works for you.

4.   Close your eyes and once the frequency starts say to yourself “I am open to receive” 2-3 times (out loud or silently).

5.   Relax and let the frequency play.

Remember! The Grounding Guided Meditation is just 1 of 18 powerful and uplifting frequencies that form part of the Heartbreak Triage programme.

Listening to all 18 Frequencies – including Trinity Healing, Insomnia, Fears & Gears and many more – will help you reset your life and manage easier your struggles.

Test Heartbreak Triage Frequencies

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