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Runner & Chaser Dynamic

Between twin flames, the way is rarely smooth. They are caught in a cosmic dance, one moment dancing in tandem, the next pulling away. The flames twist and weave in one another’s energy field, first delighted but soon disheartened, then devastated.

One twin wants to be free, they run, the other follows. Now liberated, the runner rejects the pursuer’s pleas to return. The pursuer feels abandoned, unwanted, yet cannot shake the pull of the potent love between them.

So the rejected flame must find their path, and tap into their inner power. But once they do, the runner, having had enough of freedom, and feeling drawn back to the eternal love of their twin flame, returns. The dance begins again.

In the greater scheme of things, these twin flames must engage in this dance of love and loathing, for it is in enduring this heart-centered trauma that each soul is inspired to change and grow, to connect with their life-purpose, to raise their own vibration, and to align with their true power. Together the twins are doing their pre-destined soul-work, supporting each other’s sacred evolution and uplifting one another in the divine dance of spirit.