Forget Venus & Cupid, Learn How To Attract Love With Oshun

There’s no better time than now to recognise Oshun, the goddess of love, as you get ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And as much as it’s said that true love shouldn’t need a special day to make an appearance, there’s something truly irresistible about all the hearts that go round in boxes, notes, chocolates, flowers and even conversations as everyone wonders how to attract love.

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Valentine’s Day for most people is intended to remind your loved one about how special they are, but some smart holistic people start here as a guaranteed way to reset their love potential. But whether you’re trying to stoke a budding relationship, rekindle a smouldering one or gain a new one, this article is for you to learn all you can on how to attract love spiritually and help you think outside that (chocolate) box and take it deeper by embracing the goddess of love, Oshun to win more than the chocolate.

Who is Oshun?

Oshun is an Orisha, or deity, of the Yoruba people of south west Nigeria,  their river goddess, typically associated with love, sensuality, water, purity and fertility. Of all the Yoruba deities, Oshun is the most powerful  because she possesses both human and spiritual attributes.

To give you a clearer perspective, think about how in ancient civilisations throughout the world love has always originated from a specific deity, often  a goddess. The Romans had Venus, the Greeks, Aphrodite, the Egyptians, Hathor; and Parvati is the Indian goddess of love and devotion.The list goes on and on.

The Significance of Oshun

According to most Yoruba stories, Oshun is depicted as the central figure in the creation of humans, as well as being the protector, nurturer and saviour of humanity.

Oshun is termed  the sustainer of spiritual balance and mother of all things sweet. It’s believed that she was sent by Olodumare, the supreme god.

The story goes that initially, there were 17 deities sent by Olodumare and because Oshun was the only female one, the others  didn’t value her much. This was until they realised that they could not populate the earth as required, and they sought Oshun’s help, and as she was the designated law of attraction love specific person, she indeed came through. She poured her sweet waters that brought life back to Earth.

But her sweetness notwithstanding, Oshun does not put up with nonsense. It is in fact believed that when angered, she can flood the Earth and destroy everything on it or completely withhold her waters causing great drought. Nevertheless, it’s said that she remains Olodumare’s favourite.

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Why Is Oshun Even More Powerful Than Cupid or Venus?

Unlike all the other goddesses, Oshun possesses both spiritual and human capabilities. Her first interaction with human beings took place in Osogbo in Nigeria and since then that city has been considered sacred to the extent that UNESCO designated it a World Heritage Site in 2005.

This city is said to be protected by the water goddess and the people living there are believed to be very blessed and prosperous because when they say prayers and offer rituals at the Oshun river, she grants them their requests. This is why there is an Oshun festival in the Oshun river in Osogbo every year to pay homage.

During the festival, her devotees make sacrifices and ask for various favours such as luck in love, wealth, children, better health and protection.

This city Osogbo hosts not only the great river Oshun, but also the Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove, a forest that is the home to several shrines and art-works that honour Oshun.

To show how powerful this goddess is, when the Yoruba culture was dispersed to South America during the transatlantic slave trade, Oshun became known as Oxum in Brazil and Ochun in Cuba.

So you see why Oshun is more powerful than Cupid? She really is a force to reckon with. So this Valentine’s day, learn how to attract love energy by honouring this goddess in your own way.

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Emulate Oshun

This queen is the perfect embodiment of seduction. Her characteristics include respect. She does not allow herself to be a pushover. Yet, she knows how to love, support prosperity and success, great virtues that you can borrow and apply in your own life. Here is what she adorned herself in:

Oshun’s Colors

·         Yellow

·         Gold

·         Coral

·         Amber

Oshun’s Favorite Food Items

·         Honey

·         Cinnamon

·         Oranges

·         Pumpkin

·         Sunflowers

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The beautiful peacock is her favourite bird.

So  here are a few rituals you can perform to attract love with Oshun:

Rituals on How to Attract Love by Summoning Oshun’s Love Powers

The Love Bath

For this ritual and all other Oshun rituals, you need to have her favourite items as listed above, depending on the kind of ritual you’re performing. It’s also important that you first cleanse yourself and your space before any offering or request is made.

For the love bath, you’re going to need:

·         A single white candle

·         5 sunflowers

·         1 bowl

·         Honey

·         Cinnamon

·         A representation of the love goddess (Sculpture or image portrait)

·         Your favourite perfume.

How to prepare:

Choose a safe place where you can light the candle and where Oshun’s representation can be safely placed. Then light the white candle in front of the figure and let it stay for 5 days. (It’s ok to blow it out if unattended and light it again when you’re present).

On the fifth day, remove the sunflower petals and put them inside the bowl, then sprinkle cinnamon, honey, your favourite perfume and some water. Let this sit for a while as it infuses, meanwhile take a mindful shower or a bath, to cleanse yourself of any negativity, and empty yourself to receive love.

After the shower, pour the infused contents all over your body from the neck down. While doing this and with eyes closed, say all the attracting love affirmations and then speak to Oshun.  Ask her to bring love and happiness into your life.

The Prosperity Bath

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For this one, the ingredients include:

·         1 orange

·         5 pennies

·         1 yellow candle

·         A white plate

·         Cinnamon

·         Honey

·         Representation of Oshun

·         A written personal request to Oshun

·         Offerings for the love goddess could be flowers, perfume, wine or fruits

How to Prepare

Light the yellow candle in front of the  representation of Oshun. Please be careful and put the candle in a safe place, and it’s ok to put it out when you’re away but light it again as soon as you’re back.  On the white plate, place the orange and sprinkle it with honey and cinnamon and together with the yellow candle, let this sit for 5 days. Speak to Oshun every day and let her know what your wishes are.

Cinnamon is great for luck and protection as well as stirring the spirit to be quick in delivering your request.

After the 5 days, you can bury the orange offering together with the 5 pennies and put out the candle. If burying is not possible in your environment, you can go to the nearest river and let it flow with the water, or, if this is not possible, put it in a clean garbage bag and throw in pennies to appease the spirits.

The Fertility Bath Offering

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You’ll need:

·         A yellow candle

·         A pumpkin

·         A pencil

·         A white clean piece of paper

·         Honey

·         Sunflower oil

·         Oshun’s representation (Sculpture or Image)

How to Prepare

Pick a safe place where you can light the candle and where Oshun’s representation can be safely placed. Then light the yellow candle in front of her figure and let it stay for 5 days. (It’s ok to blow it out if unattended and light it again when you’re present).

On the fifth day, carve the pumpkin out and put the inner flesh aside for the moment, and then write your wishes for fertility to Oshun . Roll these written wishes and neatly put them inside the pumpkin, add a few drops of honey inside as well, then place the cut-out top pumpkin piece back and seal it with the candle wax.

While lying on your back, place the pumpkin on your tummy and request the love goddess to help you conceive; during this moment, you can say your attracting love mantras as this can still please the Oshun spirits to hear your request.

After saying your requests, fry the pumpkin flesh with sunflower oil, add cinnamon and honey and when cooled, offer this together with the pumpkin as an offering.

When done, take the pumpkin and the offering to the nearest river as an offering to the sweet water goddess and let it flow away. Meanwhile, let your candle burn till it goes out by itself.

For the following period, be mindful of the positive energy around you and practice frequent attract love meditations in your free time.

The Law of Attraction Starts with the Law of Subtraction

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When it’s all said and done, what you believe basically sets the foundation for what you’ll experience in your relationships, so when you change your belief or perception by letting go of all negativity, your experience in love will change too, this is basically the law of attraction at work.

You must train your mind to think more loving thoughts, it’s this positive energy that attracts more positive people and even has results in all other areas of your life.

When you’re peaceful you’re sexier and this is how to attract love, you become a love magnet instead of a negativity magnet.

Keep your faith in the highest possibility; strive for the best and anything you want will be yours.