Here Are the Best Ways Experts Use the Effects of the Moon’s Cycle

Have you ever noticed that there are days when you take longer to fall asleep for no particular reason? Or are you aware of there being a certain time of the month when you feel different but can’t explain why, and there seems to be a pattern to it? Studies show that these could be the effects that moon phases have on you.

Scientific research says “Ocean tides are the result of the moon exerting its gravitational force on the ocean and pulling it both toward and away from the moon. The tide is lower or higher according to the phase of the moon.” Even health researchers have proven that the growth of some medicinal plants is affected by the phases of the moon.

It is quite evident that the moon phase calendar has both spiritual and physical effects on life on earth. It is therefore of great importance for you to understand and attune yourself with these cycles to be able to  activate and draw on your inner power. Each of these moon cycles has a unique characteristic and a spiritual meaning that signifies certain rhythms of your life.

Below is a description of what to do during the moon phases.

The 8 Moon Phases

Here Are the Best Ways That Experts Use the Effects of the moon's cycle FI fi

1. New Moon – Fresh Start

Scientifically speaking this is when the moon seems to disappear because the side of the moon facing the earth is not illuminated. The lit side is facing away.

Spiritually this cycle tells you to unplug and regain your energy. Avoid activities or people that are likely to draw away your attention or energy, and instead refocus on your inner self to be able to start with a clean slate.

This “disappearance” of the moon brings calmness and relaxation that allows you to be you. It gives you time to unwind and rethink your decisions and experiences. It’s at this time that you’re able to meditate and plan  your next move.

The new moon has a purifying energy that helps you in your reflective mode.

2. The Waxing Crescent – Laying Out Your Intentions

Scientifically here the moon begins to  appear faintly, it can often be seen a few minutes after the sun sets. It has now started the initial stage of its orbit around the earth.

Spiritually this means the first step towards fulfillment. You have been refreshed and can now clearly lay out your intentions, desires or wishes. This is the best moon to start a new project, which should be something personal that you’re passionate about, something related to self-care, and it must be within your control. This way, your willpower will be driven by your passion. You can also include meditation to keep you focused during these particular days.

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This phase encourages faith and positivity and gives so much hopeful energy  that there won’t be a drop of pessimism left in you.

3. First Quarter Moon-Action!

Scientifically this is when half of the lit portion of the moon is visible.

Spiritually this phase symbolizes a period of focus, determination and strength, a time to commit to your action despite any challenges that you may encounter. And you will likely encounter discouragement, doubts and fear.

But overcome this by focusing on all the energy and emotion that is associated with what you’re trying to achieve. This can be helped by writing down all the actions you need to accomplish.  This phase is a call to action.

4. Waxing Gibbous – Polish

Scientifically this occurs when more than half the lit side of the moon can be seen and the shape seems bigger.

Spiritually this is the developmental stage where your desires, wishes or intentions that were put into action are cultivated and polished before the next phase. It’s the gaining and attaining stage. This is the time to look at your actions again and consider refining them. However, beware  getting too caught up in the excitement (of this growth). You should instead consider the goals that are near completion to give them the necessary oomph for the final reach. Why, you ask? Because the full moon is not yet out, in other words your full achievement is not yet fully out.

5. Full Moon-Harvest

Scientifically the full moon means you can see the entire lit portion of the moon. Here the moon is on the opposite side of the earth from the sun.

Spiritually this phase represents completion and abundance. It’s called the harvest phase because traditionally this was harvest time for farmers. For you this is the time to reap the fruits of your labour.

This requires you to be in a calm state of mind as it can come with so much energy. Another reason you need to remain calm is that you will be dealing with two extreme zodiac sides because the sun and the moon are on opposite sides of the earth, and this means heightened tension.

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So stay calm because this is a great chance for your spiritual and emotional growth.

6. Waning Gibbous-Grateful

Scientifically this is when more than half of the lit side of the moon can be seen as it reduces in shape.

Spiritually this phase requires you to be grateful and share. After a successful harvest, you are required to share whatever good you have harvested.

On the flip side of lovingly sharing the good things, you also need to let go of any negative emotions or activities that may be lingering, this is why it’s also called the dissemination moon.

It comes with energy for better communication and revelation.

7. Last Quarter- Release

Scientifically it’s also called a half moon, and it’s the phase where only half of the lit portion is visible after the gibbous phase wanes.

Spiritually this is where you kick off the process of letting go. At this point the thrill of the harvest is over and realities that were hidden are uncovered as the moon wanes. This could mean a difficult transition, however you can look at this as an opportunity to sit down with your list again, and re-evaluate your priorities.

A moon cleanse is perfect for this phase because it will help you get rid of all negativities such as anger, regret or pain from loss.

8. Waning Crescent-Surrender

Scientifically the moon looks like the crescent, but keeps waning as days go by.

And spiritually this means detachment and surrender. The cycle has come to an end. Rest and allow yourself to recuperate for the next one. Yes, at this phase just rest and rest some more.

Winding Up

Living by the moon phases is one of the simplest ways of accomplishing so much within a short period of time, eventually making it a lifestyle. In the end you find that you’re able to live a wholesome life with minimal negative energy.

Understanding the effects of the moon cycle on you means that with each phase you draw as much energy as possible while getting rid of unwanted (negative) energies before they pile up or weigh you down. By calming down, moon cleansing and refocusing on yourself, you will be able to draw a lot more power from within and thus be able to deal with the strange patterns that by now are no longer a mystery.