Here’s All You Need To Know About Feng Shui

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Why should you care about Feng Shui tips?

We live in a world where technology has taken over in each and every aspect. Today you don’t need to walk to the fridge to get a soda, the fridge comes to you. Cars drive themselves and medicine is progressing with hands-free surgery. It’s as if we’re living what was once a sci-fi fantasy. However, for much of this creativity, inspiration is drawn from the ancient past, for example, the Feng Shui home, which is making a resurgence.
Keep reading and learn how applying our favourite feng shui tips can further enrich your life!

What is Feng Shui?

It’s an ancient Chinese ideological system that entails harmonising people with their surroundings. It’s all about aligning invisible energy forces that bind the universe, earth and humanity together, known as Qi (pronounced chi).

Feng means wind and Shui means water.

The History of Feng Shui

Feng Shui was developed thousands of years ago when early farming populations used it to identify safe living places  where they would be able to thrive, as well as preserve proper burial sites for their relatives. This approach was used later in more developed times to determine city designs and the best places for government buildings and important monuments.

Today, the classical practice has evolved into the consideration of the way the earth’s energy affects spaces and how they in turn affect the inhabitants. It focuses on  arranging objects within a certain space to create balance, harmony and good Qi through the use of colour, symbols and Feng Shui decorating.

Feng Shui can also identify imbalanced and distorted emotional spaces that require a fresh beginning, and it’s used to readjust and balance the energy flow to promote happiness, love, health and abundance. So if this Chinese New Year you’re considering letting go of the past in terms of activities or relationships. then you’ve already started.

Understanding the Basics of Feng Shui

There are different schools of thought about Feng Shui, but in the Three-Gate Method,  Qi is identified by analysing the shape of the environment, the land and the flow of the wind as well as water, taking into consideration:

  1. The Yin and Yang concept.
  2. The natural elements i.e. earth, fire, water, metal and wood.
  3. The five celestial animals i.e. green dragon, white tiger, phoenix, black turtle and yellow snake.

The Compass Method, on the other hand, is based on the eight mansions or the cardinal directions, each of which has a unique Qi. It uses a disc that has formulas called a Luo Pan. The concentric rings on this disc go round a magnetic Feng Shui compass which signifies the union of heaven and earth to the magnetic field which holds all matter together. This is basically what’s used in architecture models before construction starts.

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The 4 Main Feng Shui Principles

1.            Bagua

Bagua signifies eight trigrams. It’s considered as the energy map that’s used to analyse energy in any given space. It does this by redirecting the energy flow to focus on things you need to improve or achieve by increasing the positive Qi while reducing or eliminating the negative Qi.

These eight trigrams are;

  1. Love, relationships and marriage
  2. Family and community
  3. Fame and reputation
  4. Knowledge, wisdom and harmony
  5. Creativity, children and legacy
  6. Compassion and travel
  7. Abundance, prosperity, power and health
  8. Career, self-care and life mission

Bagua is a powerful tool because it can help you let go of the past and make space for the future because  it helps you manifest your dreams and goals through the energy centers that match specific aspects of your life.

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2.           Yin Yang

The Yin and Yang theory states that everything in the universe has two opposing but interconnected forces. Yin is feminine and Yang is masculine.  Yin’s qualities are gentle, passive, nurturing, soft and dark while Yang’s are tough, active, aggressive and bright.

Feng Shui is therefore the art of balancing these two in your space to create harmony. These could be the everyday opposites you see around you, dark and light, soft and hard etc.  Simple examples could be adding soft, bright cushions to a dark wooden couch or having dark coloured curtains for a brightly painted wall.

3.           Qi (Energy)

Qi, also spelled chi is an energetic force that powers all living organisms and exists in spaces, people and things. Feng Shui understands the manner in which Qi affects us, for example, an office or home where proper Feng Shui decoration is applied is not affected by negative Qi which can have an impact on your mental and physical health.

This means the spaces you live in can be arranged in a manner that can stimulate your senses in a positive way by allowing in fresh air or sunlight that can boost your spirits.  Feng Shui controls the flow of Qi by using furniture positioning and spatial designs to improve the quality of your life and your well-being.

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4.           The Natural Elements

Chi energy  enters the earth completely pure but then it goes through a number of transformations as it manifests into the physical. This manifestation produces five expressions, the Feng Shui elements, that must work together so that the perfect Qi is recreated in the physical.

These elements are:

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Water
  • Wood

The Fire Element

This is the most powerful of the five and symbolises passion, energy, expansion and transformation. Its colours are red, orange and yellow; it works best during summer  and its compass direction is south.

Earth Element

This symbolizes groundedness, stability and home,  reinforcing a sense of security and comfort from within. It can be symbolised by antique pottery, or rock features. Its colors are brown, sierra or beige. Its season is end of summer and the compass direction is centre, northeast and southwest.

Water Element

This is the element directly connected to Feng Shui wealth, which means flow of money and career. It’s perfect when you need to let go of things you no longer need. It also offers calmness and a feeling of renewed strength for new beginnings. In your spaces, this element can be symbolised by an aquarium, a pond, paintings of water scenes or crystals. Its colour is blue. The season is winter and its compass direction is north.

Wood Element

This is the energy behind creativity, passion, motivation and inspiration. It symbolises renewal, personal growth and Qi’s redirection and purification energy. Its colours are green or purple. Its season is spring while its compass direction is east and southwest.

Metal Element

Now this is the one that brings together all the elements. It enables you to think clearly and stay more focused because it stimulates your intellectual and mental abilities. Its colours are white, grey, silver or black. Its season is fall and its compass direction is west and northwest.

How do you then apply these basics and principles in the coming new Year of the Pig?

New Year, New Life the Feng Shui Way

It’s now time to make space for some new Feng Shui love .

To achieve this, you need to improve the flow and quality of Qi in your space, body and mind. You will HAVE to give this a commitment and make it a mindful practice, involving breathing and meditating.  Here are a few Feng Shui tips that will give you a headstart, but you will have to read the next article for complete details.

  1. Identify your relationship area and improve on it using the earth element (home). It doesn’t have to be a perfect Feng Shui bedroom, but use the colours and other symbols to improve it for a smooth Qi flow.
  2. Renew the energy in your space, remember the law of attraction?  You need to remove all clutter and let in freshness from light and air.
  3. Display inspirational artwork and images.
  4. Meditate and use calming sounds and frequencies.
  5. Read the next article.

The Benefits of Starting the Chinese New Year using Feng Shui Tips

Our homes or working spaces are a true reflection of our personal energy. whether it’s a new beginning or reinforcing old love.

  1. The Feng Shui tips help you increase your personal luck factor.
  2. It increases and improves energy flow in your home or office.
  3. It raises the vibration of your space.
  4. It improves harmony in your spaces, thus giving you a optimum living experience.
  5. Feng Shui energises your environment, making it attract similar energy that may come with new opportunities for love or prosperity
  6. It can help you avoid negative stresses or influences.

With all that said, it’s no wonder Feng Shui tips is making a comeback. Everyone wants harmony, positive energy and a chance to attract what they like. By understanding the power of Qi, Ying Yang, Bagua and the Natural Elements, you’ll be able to optimise your space and yourself for more Feng Shui love, greater opportunities, creativity, knowledge and success.

So in 2019, why don’t you try Feng Shui? Let it guide you.

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