Here’s How To Allow Your Love To Bloom This Lunar New Year- Feng Shui

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You made it to the New Year, through all the struggles and efforts of last year, and here you are, with a fresh page to start on. The difference is that now you’re wiser, better, stronger and ready to gain more knowledge on how to use Feng Shui to attract love and money. You’re ready to experience more, whether it’s love, happiness or just peace of mind. Part of this process is enhancing your home, and in particular creating a Feng Shui bedroom for love.

If you’ve been following this blog, then the law of attraction will ring a bell here. This whole process of gaining abundance starts from the mind. You have to be mindful about all that you want to achieve and have positive thoughts as the foundation of your desires and actions. Abundant health, good fortune, love and finance do not fall from the skies; you call them to you with your thoughts, intentions and actions.

If you understand the law of attraction, then you can easily improve your manifestation and vibration just by applying Feng Shui, an oriental tradition that can help you to get rid of negative energies and replace it with positive ones. Find out more about it here.(to link the introduction article here)

Feng Shui focuses on  arranging objects within a certain space to create balance, harmony and good Qi through colour, symbols and Feng Shui decorating, so clearly the way you decorate your home says a lot about your personality, but it also plays a role in how you attract love and abundance.

1. Feng Shui Concepts Connected to Love

a.       Identify your love area and take good care of it

If you read the Introduction to Feng Shui article, then you will know that the earth element is very key because it’s the grounding element, in other words it’s your home element. And your home is your love area. So you should consider a southwest compass direction while you’re arranging your furniture and include more earthy colors such as brown or beige to promote tenderness and strength, remembering to balance the Yin and Yang. For instance, you can have deep brown leather couches, with beige or sierra cushions to balance the tone. There’s no better way of energising your Feng Shui love corner than through the earth element.

b.      Apply Tao Hua formula in your flower arrangement (Peach Blossom Luck Formula)

Whether your New Year desire is to get new love or dating chances, or simply ignite the flames of passion in your existing relationship, why not try the Tao Hua formula that  works along the laws of attraction as it brings luck in attracting new and exciting lovers into your life, making you an irresistible magnet to the opposite sex.

This formula is applied by first identifying your Zodiac animal sign and then using the table below to identify your Peach Blossom animal. Find a perfect animal carving without any cracks or chips and display it in the corresponding Peach Blossom Sector to energise your love life.

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c.       Use roosters to heal ailing romance

If you have been in a bad or toxic relationship and have tried ending or getting over it, or if you are just suffering from a relationship that is ailing, then this is the ideal Feng Shui for marriage or relationship antidote. You use a rooster carving to cut off the etheric cords and disconnect that negative energy.   Place the rooster somewhere high up with the beak facing the door.

2. Feng Shui Bathroom for Love

Spruce up your bathroom by turning it into a spa, with candles to cultivate the spark in a new relationship or reignite the love in an existing one. Another Feng Shui element that will contribute to the healing energy is the use of flowers or flower artworks. But before all that, you must ensure that your bathroom is a clean and fresh space all the time,  demonstrating your love and care.

3. Feng Shui Bed for Love

a.       The Headboard

A proper  headboard is a solid board that creates a sense of security and stability. A solid boxy headboard offers structure and order in your life, wooden boards influence this as well (Yang, Masculinity). A curvy one is for when you’re feeling stuck and need  some flow to move you, or if you’re not a very rigid person. Upholstering your wooden headboard to balance your Yin and Yang is also acceptable.

b.      Feng Shui bed positioning

Place your bed behind a wall and not a window. Why? It creates a powerful protective energy around your bed (and ultimately you and your partner) therefore giving you the ability to hold on to more of the good energy.

You should also avoid placing the bed in a corner because the person that sleeps on the wall side may feel trapped. So position it to be accessible from either side to create a sense of balance and freedom.

c.       Keep the linens fresh always

Clean and fresh linen is inviting, wouldn’t you agree?  And softness and comfort represent positive energy. It’s therefore advisable to invest in high quality (cotton or linen itself) sheets or any natural fabric that allows that positive Qi (energy) to move.

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4. Feng Shui Bedroom for Love

Your bedroom is your epicenter for love. This is the place you come to rest  after long days. It’s where you relax, rejuvenate and make love. Regardless of who is occupying the room room, you should try and make sure your energies find a perfect balance. So how do you achieve this? Here are a few Feng Shui love tips for singles and couples as well.

a.       The colour of your walls matter

Someone might tell you to choose pink because in Feng Shui that’s the color of love. But what if pink isn’t your color? It’ll only annoy you every time you enter the room. So the best advice is to use a colour that represents love to you personally.

b.      Bedroom artwork

You want to decorate your walls with objects that resonate love, for instance, a wall hanging of a couple watching the sunrise. This means you should avoid pieces of art that suggest discord or even a simple thing like your graduation photo. Keep the mood romantic.

c.       Apply Yin in your bedroom

So what does this mean? (You missed the previous article)! Yin (female)  elements can help you relax and relieve you of the day’s stresses. This means dimmer lighting, softer music and even the general atmosphere of your bedroom.

d.      Feng Shui Mandarin ducks

This is the most popular and widely used Feng Shui cure for love. Do you know why? These birds mate with one partner for life, and they remain loyal till the last day. So if this is what you are after,  get yourself one of these (wall hanging or sculpture) and place it in your room facing south west.

e.       Make way for Qi

Remember we talked about Qi for your linens ? Well, Qi means energy, and you need a clear path  which all this positive energy can move through. Consider your furniture arrangement as well as home lighting and make sure all corners get a decent amount of light.

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f.        Pair them up

These tips are not only for couples (married or not) , they include singles hoping to meet someone new. So if you’re in this phase of your life, you may start by identifying items in your home, including your bedroom, which define your singlehood. For example a single chair, artworks by a single artist, single vases and so on. So to remove this manifestation of a single’s life, replace these objects with pairs double chairs, double vases, and artworks with couples on them etc.

In simple terms, create spaces for your prospective future partner; this will be more inviting when the time comes.

In all this Feng Shui décor for your bedroom, here are a few things to avoid  in your bedroom.

        i.            Get rid of your ex’s memorabilia or things such as pictures, letters or gifts that remind you of failed relationships.

       ii.            Avoid working out in the bedroom and don’t store your sports gear or workout clothes in there either.

     iii.            Remove the television,any entertainment screens or any work materials from your bedroom.       iv.            Remove extra pillows or stuffed animals from your bedroom; they only consume space and add to clutter.

      v.            Generally declutter your bedroom and the whole home.

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And then…

Make your intentions clear

You need to have a resolve that this is truly what you want and are willing to make the commitment to all the effort it will take. You can do this by writing down your intentions (or use images, whatever works for you). Place this where you can view it daily for a reminder. If you have a partner and are looking to build a stronger bond, let him or her participate in this. This means being attentive to your partner’s needs as well.  

Even psychologists are considering solutions from Feng Shui for marriage problems. It may not be magic, but it’s about deliberately working to improve your love life with a little help from Feng Shui.