How To Get Your Ex Back in 5 Steps – Expert Advice

“You can love someone so much…But you can never love people as much as you can miss them.” ― John Green

You see breakups can be deeply agonizing and they can make you feel lost. No matter what went wrong, the only thing that makes sense is to get them back. And this is why this article is different from everything else you will find anywhere else. It is  proven expert advice on how to get your ex back in 5 steps. And the guarantee here is that, whether you really decide to get them back or not, you will know how to act when your ex suddenly contacts you again because you will definitely be in a better position in terms of your  heart and psychological condition. Your suffering will end here.

What You Need to Understand First

How To Get Your Ex Back in 5 steps - Expert advice FI

Anything that is worth having is worth the effort. Before executing these proven steps to get your ex back you need to calm  those whirling thoughts and emotions. Get a clear understanding of what happened.

During this period avoid any contact with your ex. Why, you ask? Because at this moment you can’t think straight, you’re overwhelmed with unwanted emotions and in a bit of shock. And if your ex breaks the silence it’s recommended that you do not speak with him at all, except if it’s an emergency  – otherwise you should avoid any conversation with him.

But here’s some good news. There are ways to help you feel better during this time. Positive ways that will help you relax and re-energize. One sure way to rebuild your self-esteem is through healing frequencies that will empower you to reclaim your self-worth.

After Regaining Your Focus

When the pain and confusion subsides, you are now able to think and put in place  a working strategy. The first thing to keep in mind is that at this time your ex is also going through his own whirlwind. He’s emotional and off balance and there is a  high chance that he might give in to win you back. This phase may not last too long, though. However, don’t lose focus again by getting carried away by emotions. Stick to your plan of getting him back, the right way.

Get the Ball Rolling

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You have heard many times that men are visual creatures. You also know that men are innate hunters. And it’s common knowledge that you don’t hunt for someone that  you don’t find appealing . In this stage of winning your ex back you will need to apply visual attraction. He needs to perceive a captivating personality of high value. You need to lock him down with desire for this new you. But don’t worry about what to do when your ex suddenly contacts you again, because all this and more is detailed below in these 5 steps to get your ex back for good.

5 Steps To Get Your Ex Back

1. Switch on Contact, the Right Way

This first step will basically determine whether the rest of the steps will carry through or not. You need to be tactful and smart. Do not spam him with endless messages or drunk dial him and pour your heart out about how you need him back. This will play against you because it will push him away. What you should do instead is make sure that you have allowed him some time to cool off too. (Just like you did) However be careful not to give him too much space because he’ll assume you have moved on.  Neither should you contact him too soon, as it shows desperation. The tactic here is timing. Then the content of your messages, whether texts or Facebook posts should be flirty but with a nonchalant vibe. This way he won’t try to play with your emotions, instead you’ll have captured his attention and curiosity. And now you’re ready for the next step.

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2. Overpower Him with Your Allure

Now, you have his attention, show him a side of you he’d never seen before. Since you no longer spend time together, maximize your free time to reinvent yourself. Engage in activities that improve you and bring real joy to your life. Once he sees this, he will be captivated and will want to be with this new happy person who has her life all together. This intrigue will keep him interested. For you, this is healthy too, because you get to live your life and find happiness in things other than just his person.

3. Knock Him Out with a New First Impression

Stun your ex with your effortless new beauty. Let him feel jealousy about this new woman who’s not even trying to get his attention. Remember you must remain subtle in your body language; you don’t want him to know outright that you’re trying to win him back. You have an advantage because you have been with this man, so you know what he likes, and should  use this to turn his world upside down. The secret here is to be better than he ever imagined you were and exceed his expectations. Let him see growth and positive change in your beliefs, standards and the way you do things. You can accentuate your looks by dressing differently; put more effort into looking alluring yet still elegant.

4. Let Him Yearn Uncontrollably for You

This requires several smart techniques. You can show him that you’re now hard to get, but at the same time be enthusiastic about him. Connect to him by bringing up random personal conversations that will prove your value, but avoid talking about the past with him. Science says that we don’t usually fall in-love with a person, but we fall in-love with how we feel when we’re around them, so make him feel excited, stimulated and overpowered by your charms when he’s next to you. It’s all about triggering the right emotion at the right time. Your ex could be seeing other women (rebound). So, you need to stand out and do all these things from an informed perspective, your advantage being that you know him well. And at this point if he suggests he wants to be intimate with you, make sure you know what his intentions are. You don’t want this to be a one off thing with him, so it is best to engage in such a deeply personal act only when you are sure it won’t be just a momentary distraction for him. Remember, you are a valuable person and your ex needs to act accordingly or he isn’t worth the effort.

5. It’s Time for Him to Chase You All Over Again

After you have pulled off all the above, you still have to keep this man interested because the challenge is what keeps him intrigued. So, what do you do now? First, stay focused on your plan and not your emotions. Don’t throw away the book because he’s finally where you want him to be. Remember the first thing that you did? You became a better person. You found joy in activities that made you grow in every aspect of your life. Do not throw all these away. These are the things that attracted him to you all over again. Maintain your high standards and keep him fascinated. Limit your intimacy with him, remember less is more, so even on your dates, do not stay too long, make it fun and leave him on a high note. An air of mystery always brews interest.


It is possible to have a win-win situation, get your ex back without making a fool of yourself and better yet, you can find yourself again and this can help you decide whether you even want him back at all, or deserve someone better. The above expert advice on how to get your ex back in 5 ways is a proven way to reclaim your love in a smart and dignified way. Through restored contact and  self development, you can win him back by this new first impression and keep him wanting you by subtly reigniting his desire for you. In the end, you can manage to have him back and still let him think it was all his idea. Whichever way you look at it, you will be a happier person, have more value for yourself and be able to  attract any man you want. So, even if your ex reaches out to you years later, well, the world is your oyster.

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