How to Use the Power of the Full Moon to Get Unstuck and Start Healing!

In this blog, we talked about how ruminating can keep you stuck and why healthy reflection is important when it comes to moving past your breakup. Moving forward from rumination and overthinking about your heartbreak is a core way of getting you functional and able to embrace healing.

How to use the power of full moonSo, what better way to kick-start your rumination reset than by using the power of the Full Moon this month?!

This month’s Full Moon in Sagittarius falls at 10.19 EST and is all about a fresh perspective and embracing new mindsets and ways of looking at your life. Now is the time for big shifts and for getting rid of old energy and ways of being.

If you’ve been stuck on the hamster wheel of obsessing about your ex and going over old ground then this Full Moon energy could be the tonic you need to help you get unstuck!


Flower Moon Reset

This month’s Full Moon is known as the ‘Flower Moon’ because, as the name indicates it falls at a time when many flowers are beginning to bloom. It’s a beautiful energy that you can harness to help you recharge and rejuvenate your mindset and open to new opportunities and healing.




Here are some ideas for activities you can do on the Full Moon.

  • Put a stop to ruminating once and for all by creating an ‘unsent letter.’ Unsent letters are a great tool to get out all those final thoughts, questions and emotions you have been holding onto and using to ruminate about your ex. Write your letter and get out all your old ruminating thoughts – then take it somewhere safe (in the light of the full moon is powerful) and burn it. Because the Full Moon represents death and rebirth, releasing that old energy via writing it out and burning gives a clear indication to the Universe you are ready to let go and move on!
  • how to use the power of full moon. Start Healing Pin jpgPractice grounding to ensure you are centered in the present moment and to let the stagnant energy of rumination dissipate. When you are grounded you can start to look at your situation as you really are right now, instead of playing old breakup loops in your mind.
  • Focus on clarity by writing down what you have learned from your breakup. For this, you need to remind yourself to stay positive. Writing ‘I learned my ex is an idiot’ might make you chuckle, but it doesn’t help you to find the healing lessons from your experience! Reflect on what you have learned from your past relationship and how it can serve you as you move forward. You might have discovered that you have needs you weren’t aware of before, or you have core issues that you haven’t yet healed. Right down at least five things you have learned that you can build on in a positive way moving forward.
  • Set your new intentions for a fresh mindset. This can be as simple as creating a mood board or writing three things you want to achieve in the near future. Or you could go further and create a personal manifesto which sets out your values, desires and intentions for your life. If you don’t want to write you could choose to make something or to plant new intentions by literally planting seeds. Or to honour the flower moon you could gather flowers and use them as a symbol of your healing intention. What’s important is that you take action, rather than staying stuck in your mind and your thoughts. Use your intuition and decide what actions resonate with you.


Whatever you choose to do, harnessing the energy of the Full Moon can help to supercharge your positive intention. Remember this is a time to refocus and regroup and to let go of old mindsets – so get creative!