Learn How to Avoid Disappointment & Loss in Love

Since we started this website last May, many of you have written asking questions and looking for further insight on topics that are close to your heart (and ours!) such as Soul Connections, everything Twin Flames, The 12 Universal Laws, Cutting Etheric Cords and so on. A lot of you guys ask me about the sound frequencies too, and how you can use them, so I’ve decided to start a weekly series on how you can get the most advantages from consulting our website.

Yes, the HT website is mainly about love and relationships, but even if you are not experiencing those sort of problems, I’m sure it’s safe to say that many of us are faced by stressful situations that can cause us emotional pain and sometimes real unhappiness. And in fact all the tips and information you will find on this versatile site can be applied to all areas of your life.

Look, no one is perfect, and a breakup or major argument with a loved one can really push us to our limit — this site is all about creating proactive healing movement to lessen the emotional fallout and shrapnel. Most importantly, it teaches you how to be kind to yourself.. Everyone makes mistakes! That’s how we learn and grow.

Learn How to Avoid Disappointment & Loss in Love FI

So if you are beating yourself up, you can stop now because you are not alone, and everyone has gone through this pain at least once in their lives.

Creating the Healing Process

You can find the tools (such as sound frequencies, guided meditations, and private sessions) and information (through our blogs!) you need to help you understand what’s been happening across your entire holistic being – physically, emotionally and energetically. This way you can arm yourself with knowledge so that you don’t feel helpless anymore, or frustrated at having to guess the reason for your distress, and how to make it through without succumbing to a downward spiral.

Heartbreak Triage is primarily a FREE resource to help you recover and re-find your balance. Our approach ensures that you reset, and raise your vibrational frequency for love through our tried and tested approach. I’m going to share with you not only useful information about what happens to you, and why — when you are going through whatever it is your are having to deal with right now — but also let you know how you can be in control again, and, most importantly, find solutions to your problems.

At the end of every article you will find a HT Toolbox that will be filled with recommendations to accompany our heartfelt advice – providing you with the tools that you can use to turn a setback into a comeback. The primary series is all about getting your feet back on the ground, no matter what you are going through.

Relief from Heartbreak Pain: Deepen your Knowledge and Process Difficult Feelings

HT is here to help you to understand your holistic healing power, and support your efforts to get immediate relief from the pain you are experiencing. It will help you to regain focus so that you can dive deeper, without distraction from overwhelming emotions. Most importantly, our goal is to get you in a vibrational viable state to attract and manifest your heart’s desire, be it a new love, new career, or another chance with cherished partner.

As we explore different emotional states, and why they are happening and how to heal them – you will find that you will start to feel more confident and empowered to change your perspective and start creating the life you want and deserve!

HT is all about connecting you to your inner power and showing you how you can incorporate simple steps, or if that is too hard for you right now, you can introduce healing sound frequencies that require zero effort (except the amount of energy it takes for you put on your earphones, press play and close your eyes) into your daily life so that you can take practical steps to move forward.

Independence and Empowerment

The most important things the HT team and I want to provide you with are the tools you need to become independent, especially when it comes to your metaphysical health. This means being able to recognise what’s happening, and learning how to maintain your energy body with the same skill and attention you would your physical body, say after you had experienced an accident or traumatic injury.

how to get back with ex holding hands

In my role as an energy healer, I often provide healing for people who have serious issues with their energy, but my ultimate aim is always to help these people maintain a healthy energy body. At times, yes, you might want to connect with an energy healer (such as myself!) for a supercharged ‘tune-up’ – the same way you would take your car to the garage for a service – but on the whole, the day to day ‘running’ of your energy body is something that can, and should be, within your control. When using the frequencies and exercises in between  your 1-on-1 sessions, you begin to  activate and access personal gifts that you might not be fully aware off — giving you the opportunity to reclaim your sense of purpose, confidence, power, joy, expression, inspiration, and connection to your higher self!

Later on (in the intermediate series) we will focus on raising your vibrational energy through deeper healing, where I will take what you will have learned over the next few weeks, in other words healing and resetting yourself back to a base state, and build on this to take you a step further. The next stage will teach you how to protect and upgrade your metaphysical body. This will involve arming you with an arsenal of techniques and guided meditations designed for you to take control back from anyone who has power over you or access to your precious energy , be it family members, a toxic friend or a narcissistic ex partner. These exercises have been designed for you to instantly connect in to your personal energy (your auric field and chakras) so that you can reclaim and repair it, regain your equilibrium and soar!

In case you just stumbled upon this website and have no idea who I am … allow me to introduce myself 🙂

My name is Graham Elkin and I’m a Psychic, Medium and Healer. I first discovered my abilities at the age of 13, and over  the last 25 years, I have been developing my intuitive gifts and using my diagnostic and healing abilities to help people. My work with energetic frequencies has advanced substantially over the years, and this is now one of my core methods of healing.

Graham Standing Solo steps to get your ex back

I’ve received such positive feedback  during my 1-on-1 live readings that I decided to extend this work so that more people can access it, and so I developed the HT website.

If you feel like you are crawling around in the dark not knowing which step to take and in what direction, you may avail yourself of my 1-on-1 life coaching and psychic services to demonstrate where you are now and where you need to go to maximise the potential for positive results.. Included during all my private sessions are healing sessions to amplify the effects of the healing frequencies available on this site.

Now that you have a basic outline of how our  HT website works and what it offers: sound frequencies, advice, meditations, and other healing techniques (as well as private sessions), all designed to stabilise your emotional state, and reset and raise your vibrational frequency for love, you can look forward to the next installment, all about setting your healing intention. Meanwhile consult the HT toolbox below for some practical solutions that will launch you on your holistic healing process.

HT Toolkit


Grounding Guided Meditation

Learn to ground, balance and cleanse. Grounding is incredibly important as it helps to connect you back to yourself, realign your energy body and access the healing power of the Earth.


Learn How to Avoid Disappointment & Loss in Love FI Pin

Trinity Healing

Reaching a state of Trinity is where your mind, body, and soul are balanced, allowing your innate sense of inner calm to return to the surface. Tune in and listen to this powerful holistic frequency before you go to sleep every night, as it will align your mind, body and energetic body, helping you to become balanced.

Wake Up Feeling Rested and Energised

If you keep waking up tired, no matter how many hours of sleep you have had, this frequency will help you enter a deeply restful sleep that allows you to wake rejuvenated and full of energy. This way, you can feel properly rested and ready for positive activities that support your healing. Program your phone to play this frequency ten minutes before your alarm goes off to start your day on the right foot.

Private Sessions For Deeper Healing

These private sessions are incredibly powerful and will result in quantum leaps in your healing, personal development, and vibrational upgrades – this will result in the easier and faster manifestation of romantic relationships that actually work, not to mention wealth and abundance in your career, plus many more positive outcomes.

Connecting with Graham through private sessions will increase the efficacy of all the healing frequencies available on this site.

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