M.E. Louise Private Session 60′

M.E. Louise Private Session 60′


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After the Initial Intuitive Tarot Reading and Spiritual Advisory, the Service Rate per 60 minutes session is: $90.00

This 60-minute private session is inclusive of:

Intuitive Tarot Reading

Spiritual Advisory

  • This works somewhat like a counseling session, but it’s more about life or spiritual development. You can speak to me about the areas you’d like to work on and what you’re having trouble with. If you want guidance on something from Spirit, or what you might refer to as Source, or Higher Self, I can ask, and tell you what is revealed to me by my guides (in session). I’ll also give advice that is more “earthly realm” based so that you have a well-rounded game plan. We can also do energy work through guided meditations to reset and raise your vibrational frequency to bring you more in alignment with your goals. In a follow-up email, I will suggest reading material or exercises, rituals and whatever else is necessary to round off the session.

Audio File of Session (For reflection at your leisure.)


***All sessions are strictly confidential***


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