Three Steps to Heartbreak Recovery




The aim of this course and the healing frequencies is to provide you with the tools you need to become independent, especially when it comes to your energy body. This means being able to recognise what’s happening and to maintain your energy body with the same skill and attention you would your physical body, say after you had experienced an accident or traumatic injury.

In my role as an energy healer, I often provide healing for people who have serious issues with their energy, but my ultimate aim is always to help these people to be able to maintain a healthy energy body themselves. At times, yes, you might want to connect with an energy healer for a supercharged ‘‘tune-up’ – the same way you would take your car to the garage for a service – but on the whole, the day to day ‘running’ of your energy body is something that can, and should be, within your control.

As you progress through this programme, you’ll learn powerful ways of connecting to your own healing power so you can become truly independent and empowered. This includes having the healing frequencies and HT toolkit on hand to give you that extra boost when you need it.


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