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“I definitely have reached a new level of acceptance…I subconsciously let a lot of things go that I think I’m still processing. Which is really cool because Graham mentioned letting go of things from previous relationships that you carry to new relationships and I was totally doing that and not necessarily aware.”

Natalie Laine

“I am Margarita, from Chile, I am in Bali now. A short time ago I had a healing session with Graham. My experience was very positive. From the very beginning I succeeded in connecting very well with him. I relaxed a lot and felt lots of energy, I saw many colours and really got a sense of detachment. And when I woke up I felt renewed. I have problems with my shoulders and my arms and I really felt a huge alleviation of this condition. The following three days I also felt that my body was working and I had a connection, and I was able to get rid of   lots of stress. I really felt a great sense of relief. I have great respect for Graham, I feel he is a great healer/therapist, he really has a gift. Thank you.”

“Since my healing with Graham, I feel more determined, clear-sighted and positive in regards to my future goals. I feel some energy blockages have been opened and I can now for the first time in my life see the vision and know that I can achieve them. I feel as if the initial negative feelings and thoughts I had have diminished. Graham has kind, caring and relaxed energy that automatically makes you feel at home in his presence. He shows compassion and you can truly tell that he is a healer.”
Chloe Dignam
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“My experience with Graham was really positive, and I recommend him. I  visited Graham to see what patterns or what issues were there that end my relationships, and the truth is he detected the blocks I had. And he was very good and assertive in detecting how to work on my emotions. The truth is that at first the music or the sounds were a bit strange, but eventually I succeeded in relaxing. And the fact of working with frequencies – I feel this is a therapy that has great benefits, because most of the time you are not really aware of it, and the therapy just happens. I relaxed a lot during my session. Graham has a great talent for this. I felt great, I felt very, very well and I especially achieved a clarity that allowed me to observe my emotions and all these blocks in a more elevated manner. And also, this is helping me make more assertive decisions. I highly recommend him.”


“It worked very well for me, especially for my body issues. I had some bad scratches [deep cuts/wounds] and after two days they were gone.”

Raygene Coco
raygene how to get your ex back

“I met Graham at a time in my life when I was suffering through the breakdown of a special relationship. I was completely stressed out and my anxiety was through the roof. I felt as if I was desperately trying everything I could to become calm, but nothing worked and I couldn’t sleep at night. The depression grew and grew and weighed me down like a ton of wet clothes. It was one of the lowest points in my life.

From the beginning, my sessions with Graham transformed how I was feeling.  I used the Healing Frequencies he gave me and listened to them according to how I felt in the moment. Soon I was able to make it through the day without panic attacks or a sinking feeling in my gut. The great thing about these frequencies – it’s easy and if you continue using them, you will find relief. Now my depression and regrets about the past have melted away. I no longer feel worried about the future, and the best part is I don’t need to rely on healing sessions with Graham to address certain difficult emotions. I feel confident and independent and I love knowing I have the frequencies and HT wisdom to return to whenever I need to.”

-Mary P.

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