The Dark Night of the Soul – the Antechamber of Spiritual Awakening

It is said that only through great difficulty do we manage to get to our core. To find ourselves. To reconnect. We often find ourselves stumbling upon the difficulties of heartbreak, not knowing that this is the road that will take us to the center of our personal development.

Going through the dark night of the soul is acknowledging that a broken heart is ultimately only a more open heart. It happens to each and every one of us to enlighten our path, making the Universe unfold in front of our eyes. Sometimes, behind a thunderstorm lies an ocean of serenity, peace, joy and unconditional love – a series of uplifting experiences that are only designed to re-shape you, to guide the soul through what we call enlightenment.

Your experiences are tailored for you, for your needs, your lessons, for your own personal challenges, with a balance of darkness and light, of contrasts, of knowing that there is no real high without the deepest of lows.

To those who still search between the lines and cracks of their consciousness, in a world where true beliefs and values are something rare, think about it like this: you are on the path towards discovering yourself and the world. You ask the right questions and you accept the answers no matter how uncomfortable they might be. Usually the dark night of the soul symptoms start to kick in for those who have awoken just a bit ,and they raise their awareness of the fact that not everything is what it seems to be. It’s a departure from the mass consciousness version of reality, with a foundation in spiritual transition.

The dark night of the soul - the antechamber of spiritual awakening - FI

Going through this process where you leave behind a distorted perception of yourself  and the world around you, and enter clearer territory, involves travelling through the dark night of the soul.

And as we awaken and come closer to acknowledging a higher consciousness, it can often feel overwhelming and lead to feelings of isolation, anger,fear and complete hopelessness. Understanding reality and the tenets of spiritual awakening will cause discomfort on all levels but it will also bring you closer to your true nature. So, beyond the feelings of inadequacy and anger, you will experience some stages before you actually manage to move on from the dark night of the soul. But keep one thing in mind: it may not be just a one hit wonder. It might repeat itself for as long as it takes for each individual to embrace true connection.



This means that your old beliefs are now being shattered by this new version of you. How? Spiritual awakening comes with a very important concept for everyone out there: evolution. And evolution means being able to let go of the past, of the things you have thought to be true, of the things that have hurt you, and make space for new things. To make room for a better upgraded you.

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With every breath, every move, every decision, we pave our own way to overcoming each heartbreak.  Going through pain deeply and consciously, we learn to see life from a new light. We learn how to experience blissful moments after the storm, euphoria and freedom after storms of suffering. We learn how to reinvent ourselves from the ashes in order to shine bright. We learn to be.


Since fear is the only thing that holds us back from evolving, one of the quickest ways to overcome it is to jump right into it. While holding it by the hand. Think about an easy example: fear of heights. How would you overcome it the fastest way? By jumping with a parachute out of a plane. Bungee jumping. Going up the Eiffel Tower and looking down without fear. The same principles apply to spiritual evolution and heartbreak. We stick to fear because we are afraid to lose what we are attached to – although it’s toxic to us,  we forget that the best enhancer for evolution is jumping into the unknown with the faith that the Universe knows best for us, and that control is nothing but a mental pattern of fear.


And with transformation, once you have reached it, you will be surprised to see that you will have a stronger, yet easier way of sorting out what comes from the outside and tries to reach you inside.

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You will know what is real and what is not, and most importantly: what belongs to you and what does not. Sometimes we become mirrors for others and they become mirrors for us, leaving a lot of confusion about what it is that we feel and what it is that the other person is feeling. By looking within you will start feeling more love and more gratitude towards the world out there. And you know what else you will be feeling? You will feel that your are here for a reason. And this is exactly where all the  fun starts.

The pain of heartbreak leads to feeling as if we are buried alive, but what happens afterwards? Does it become more peaceful? How do you survive such an experience? Can you survive the shattered pieces of a broken heart? Survive sadness, sorrow, pain? Surviving a time of heartbreak can seem to be a real never-ending story.

Spiritual awakening caused by the dark night of the soul happens inevitably, and when it does, no matter how broken-hearted you feel, don’t seal the pain and try throwing it to the bottom of the ocean because it will only flow back to you. Accept it, understand it, and be brave about it. By observing it and letting yourself sink through it with understanding and patience, you will only come to see that it takes a second to reach a brighter sense of clarity, of peace, of changing your life.

Let’s see what some common dark night of the soul symptoms are and how spiritual awakening emerges in ways that are common to everyone.


1. You start to realise that you have been living your life completely opposed to your inner truths. To your beliefs. To what your heart tells you. Your authentic self has nothing to do with your mind, with being rational, with calculating or over-analyzing, but it has a lot to do with being at the same vibration with your heart and the Universe.

2. And by experimenting with this you will start asking yourself more questions that will require even more answers. Answers that will shift your perception and leave you wanting a different meaning and purpose in your life.

3. You will also realise that all your education,  the way society is built, have nothing to do with your core beliefs, your ideals and the values you have been brought up with. That culture has nothing to do with the personal self.

4. Once connected more to your higher self the feelings of loneliness will appear. And it will get really lonely.You will want to cut yourself off from people, to reach out for more quality rather than quantity. But once you adjust that, you will only attract people of the same frequency as yours to surround yourself with. And that will change your life completely.

5. Conversations will seem shallow and talking to people will leave you feeling even more empty. But you know what? It will lead you to the same thing: desperately craving for more quality.

6. And quality always comes with letting go of all the negativity in your life. Whether it’s people, habits, mentalities, the best way to change them is by not being afraid to let them go into the Universe.

7. So, step by step, you will be moving forward to a  better place. A place where passion is not something that exists outside of you, but within your core, where it really was all along.

8. And that, step by step, will push you towards wanting to make the world a better place.

9. But not before understanding who YOU really are.

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Why does spiritual awakening happen?

Believe it or not, it happens with one purpose: transformation. Just like the dark night of the soul. The only thing that is keeping you and holding you back is your ego – the restless beast that only feeds on fear and wants to eclipse your consciousness, limiting you to ideas about yourself. Your old self will always fight the new potential of you, it will try to consume it and not leave any chance to flourish.

But in the dark night of the soul, parts of the ego are being crushed, dissolving slowly. In order to make it vanish completely, it’s only up to you.The braver you are as you pass through this passage of life, the more aware you will be of your attributes, your qualities, of what you have been obstructing along the way. You will experience deep cleansing and become serene, drawn to a more heavenly nature rather than an egotistical one. Light will obliterate the emotional turbulence. Life will resume in a calmer way.

You will walk through life grateful, knowing that your words and actions are now in tune with your self, passing through all the dark night of the soul stages with courage!