Total Lunar Eclipse and Effects on Your Love Life – Astrology of the Summer of 2018

First you have to understand that no eclipse is bad by itself under any terms. Eclipses usually happen twice a year and they come in pairs, lunar eclipse and sun eclipse. The only exception is when the eclipse season extends between the end of one year and the beginning of another year, in which case we could witness rather more of these celestial events.

What Is an Eclipse?

The basic rule is that a solar eclipse takes place when the Sun is hidden behind the Moon, very close to the North or South Nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu, which are astronomical points. A lunar eclipse, on the other hand, happens when the Earth makes a shadow covering the Moon.

If the Sun and Moon are very close to Nodes then we have a total eclipse and the effects are stronger, but if those two luminaries are a bit further away, this means we will have a partial eclipse. And this is generally everything you need to know in  terms of astronomy and celestial geometry to be able to predict the timing of coming eclipses.

Lunar Eclipse of July 2018

Total Lunar Eclipse and Effects on Your Love Life – Astrology of the Summer of 2018 FI

This total lunar eclipse, which will take place on 27th July, has already been named the “Blood lunar eclipse”, and has been described as a very strong and perhaps even doom laden event, but you shouldn’t be too worried about it. It is being referred to as  “bloody” because the Moon will appear with a pink, orange or reddish shade, but this trait will have to do more with global or political events than with  personal life, especially love life.

Apparently, this eclipse will be the longest lunar eclipse of this century and it will last for a little over 6 hours. This basically means that the effects will be felt for more than 6 months, but the active phase will affect us all in the next seven weeks. The July 2018 lunar eclipse path will be visible from the middle parts of Europe and Africa and, as the night moves on, it will become stronger while projecting itself on the Middle East area, traveling over  India, where it will show major transformations, and then it will slowly vanish, ending its show over Southeast Asia. Generally speaking, the entire “old world” will be affected directly in a powerful, but brief burst.

In  terms of  western astrology, this eclipse will take place on the 5th degree of the sign of Aquarius and the eclipsed Moon will be together with the retrograde Mars. The planet Mars is the universal symbol for the man or male romantic partner, and when he is retrograde this means that the “man is coming back”. But let’s just hold this thought for a moment, while we explore the other aspects.

July 2018 Lunar Eclipse in Astrology

Keeping in mind that this eclipse will happen in the sign of Aquarius, this also means that the Sun will be in the sign of Leo, so this sign will be affected directly too. And the same goes for  people with their personal planets or rising signs placed in the early degrees of the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. You can expect major turnarounds regarding your personality, your spouse or romantic partner, your home or family, and of course, your career: the four major psychological pillars of a person’s life.

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Other signs won’t feel this celestial event so strongly, but this will depend on the placements of your natal planets and sensitive points. In general terms, for Aries the lunar eclipse will bring the ending of an important friendship. Love will be put  aside while this storm lasts. Taurus will witness changes regarding career and the possible return to a previous work position. Love will be very prominent in their mind, but it will be filled with illusions, at least until the middle of August. Gemini will try to renew some sort of  business proposal. Also, the opportunity for long distance travel to a place they’ve visited before might be presented to them. In any case, they will be more than willing to start something new and romantic, but the proper time will come in the second part of August.

For the sign of Cancer, the time of the July 2018 lunar eclipse  will figure prominently in  financial areas of their life, while  love will remain just on a level of communication  without any real advancements until the beginning of September. Leos will feel as if they are at a   crossroads in terms of committed relationships and for many of them this could be the last chance they will give  their partners. Those under the sign of Virgo will have the tendency to keep a love interest secret, but on the other hand, this lunar eclipse 2018 time will bring out many affairs into the public realm, so their reputation might come into  question.

Libras will find themselves in some sort of  limbo, because, as you will remember, the planet Mars is the symbol for the returning man, and for this particular sign, this retrograde motion of Mars will take place in their house of love. However, many Libras have spent so much time waiting for this person to come back, and now after this lunar eclipse July 2018 they will  realise that they don’t want him or her anymore, and that the time for something or someone new is just right. Scorpios will be extremely affected by this eclipse, bearing in mind that the planet Uranus has just entered into their area of partnership, bringing them sudden breakups, divorces or very unstable romances. The sign of Sagittarius might dream about a particular coworker, but this person will, most likely, be someone with a lot of secrets and maybe even some bad habits, so beware.

If you belong to the sign of Capricorn, you can expect love while traveling abroad or while you are attending some sort of educational course. However, don’t hope for too much, because this person might be already in love with someone else.

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Aquarians should be especially careful due to the fact that this eclipse will happen in their own sign, meaning that they could act recklessly and ruin their relationship or even a marriage. Those under the sign of Pisces might face some health challenges, and they will also have to learn how to overcome their romantic illusions through some good habits, instead of covering up their heartache with sweets or medications.

What will  Love Look Like for the Rest of this Year?

The August 11 2018 solar eclipse will have very mild effects due to the fact that it will be partial and almost  invisible on our planet. However, the chart of eclipses shows very tense aspects between Venus and Saturn, Mars and Uranus, and the Sun, Moon and Mercury with Jupiter. This means that  female energy might feel lonely despite the fact that many couples reunite after the lunar eclipse. Male energy will still feel lost and angry, and  desires and projects for the future will have to wait a few weeks more due to a lack of funding.

The planet Mars, or masculine energy in general, will still behave in a very strange or even improper or rude manner, and this will mean the continuation of  obstacles to love for many couples who reunited around the time of the total lunar eclipse. For some of them, this will be the final goodbye and many women will finally find the strength to start a new phase in life. And this new phase will indeed start  around the January 2019 lunar eclipse when new circumstances will present new people, this time very educated, strong and most likely coming from abroad.

For a smaller number of lovers the month of October might bring another chance when the planet Venus turns retrograde and forms a very poetic, but highly illusionistic trine aspect with Neptune. Since  Venus will still be in a tense aspect with Mars, the love hurdles will remain, although it will be willing to make compromises. On the other hand, Venus will make an excellent sextile aspect with Saturn in that timeframe, meaning that all the relationships where the age difference between partners is seven or more years will have the perfect chance to commit for a lifetime.

Don’t disregard someone just because they are a lot  older or younger than you, because this person might be your true and devoted partner for the future. Seek someone with a stable mind, honest soul  and pure heart, especially while we are navigating this sea of illusions and breakups we all have to face during the eclipse and retrograde season. And your dream will finally become true around the months of October or November. Until then, take care and don’t forget to love yourself the most and to develop yourself further through education and creative activities.

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